Frogs Cheer
Cup 2019

12th open competition in cheerleading and cheer dance

16th of March 2019

Sports hall Logatec, Slovenia
On the day of the competition there are also going to be cheer shops presented with their special offers and products:


For all participants on Frogs Cheer Cup they have prepared special offer:
  • Zephz sport shoes
Butterfly.lite - price: 50,00 EUR (instead of 60,00 EUR)
Stratoscheer - price: 60,00 EUR (instead of 70,00 EUR)
  • Pompons
PVC pompons - price: 7,90 EUR/piece (instead of 8,95 EUR)
metallic, holographic pompons - price: 11,00 EUR/piece (instead of 12,10 EUR)
  • All megaphones in stock are 10% off.

These products can be ordered up to 9. 4. 2014 and they are going to be delivered free of charge to Frogs Cheer Cup. On the day of competition they are going to be available with their complete offer. It will be only possible to pay with cash.

Barbara Sirio
Phone: +39-320-9356719

Varsity Spirit Fashion

On their info desk they are going to present cheerleading uniforms, clothes, accessories and team apparel.

Toni Mulec
Phone: +49 (0)40 30 85 97 - 97

SCA Supporter

You can help Slovenian national team of cheerleading and cheer dance by buying products from the Supporter Program to raise funds for participation at the World Championships in cheerleading and cheer dance.





Frogs Cheer Team Slovenia

National federation

Slovenian Cheerleading Association
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